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Vegan diet effective in lowering cholesterol levels:

The Canadian researchers speculated that humans may be particularly suited to a vegan diet because the human body originally evolved on the same kind of diet eaten by apes in the wild, with high levels of fiber and vegetable protein.


Vegan who starved child found dead:

The body of a vegan who starved her baby daughter to death on a diet of nothing but breast milk, raw fruit, vegetables and nuts was found under Brighton Pier yesterday.


  1. dave, on Tuesday 21st October 2003, said:

    were you thinking of GOING vegetarian++ btw?

  2. James, on Wednesday 22nd October 2003, said:

    No, and if I'm going to have a carnivore cooking for me next year I may revert to my barbarous ways. Unlikely though, since I have a lot of brownie points left after conceding the internet issue.

    Nice notation btw :) Would vegan++ be breatharian? Actually, there are fruitarians in between.

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