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Geography for Chefs

Top 4 countries named after food:

  1. Chile
  2. Turkey
  3. Greece
  4. Wales

Disqualified: Hungary, Sweden


  1. Bernard LeVeque, on Wednesday 30th July 2008, said:

    The foods related to the names of the Countries are name after the places not the other away around.


    The English name "Wales" originates from the Germanic word Walha, meaning "foreigner."


    Exact etymology unknown. Possibilities include that it comes from a native Mapudungun term meaning "the depths", a reference to the fact that the Andes mountain chain looms over the narrow coastal flatland. The Quechua or Mapuche Indian word chili/chilli or "where the land ends/where the land runs out/limit of the world" is a possible derivation. Another possible meaning originates with a native word tchili, meaning "snow".


    The Turkish name Türkiye consists of two parts: Türk, which means "strong" in Turkish and usually refers to the inhabitants of Turkey or a member of Turkish nation; and the Arabic suffix iye which means "owner" or "related to". The root appears commonly among early Altaic tribal ethnonyms, and also appears in the name of the modern inhabitants of Turkmenistan.

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