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The Null Post, part 2

Hello dearies! is back, and this time it's run by professionals! No more flaky python-scripted manually-edited raw XML files and bare static HTML output. No more problems with HTML entities and Unicode crud. But also no more perfectly crafted URLs. Switching to Wordpress means everything goes in a database, which is fine from a nice-clean-separation-of-content-and-style point of view, but... oh wait, no, not everything goes in a database. Attached images go in a completely separate heirarchy. Oops.

Still, the point is that I don't have to deal with this kind of bunk myself any more. Computers suck.

Some observations:

Firstly, you have a choice:

  • Force everyone to register/log in to post a comment, or
  • Open up the commenting system to the platoons of spambots custom-built for Wordpress.

Registering is annoying, but you only have to do it once, and hey, the old system didn't even have comments to begin with.

Secondly, the modern interface of Wordpress still needs a lot of work. It's packed full of graphical glitches and ticks, even in Firefox. It's half AJAX, half not. Trackbacks and pingbacks can bugger off too.

Thirdly, Wordpress has 10 billion custom themes available, but only about 11 are any good, and seeing those same 11 themes replicated a hundred times across blogdom can teach a man to hate. Building a new theme is encouraged, but you pretty much have to learn PHP to do it properly. I decided to gut the default theme of all elegance and modernity and freeze the look circa 2001. Welcome back, Web 1.0. I've missed you.

As for all the old content, well, it's still in those static XML/HTML files. Futureproof! Hmm...


After writing the next post, it has come to my attention that the built-in rich editor generates incredibly bad HTML when using it to align things and include images. Page-layout breaking HTML. Dammit.

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