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Dr Zaius Dr Zaius

Testing Youtube (Gootube? Yoogle? Youtgle?) embedding:

I only just found out that Falco's Rock Me Amadeus is the origin of the Stop the Planet of the Apes: I Want to Get Off! song. The Simpsons is officially 20% less cool now that I know this.

I also only just found out who Falco is.

How much shine does a work lose when you find out it's not as original as you thought it was?

Weird Al would be 20% less cool for not having written the tune to Amish Paradise, but Artis Leon Ivey himself is 20% less cool for ripping off Stevie Wonder's Pastime Paradise to make Gangsta's Paradise, theoretically making Weird Al a total of 36% less cool, but since Stevie Wonder inspired the awesome zen-conduct-style Stevie Wonder mode in Alien Breed Special Edition '92, he starts from a base of 127% coolness.

This brings Weird Al back up to roughly 81% cool, which is a solid First.

(RM Paradise is still classified under the Official Secrets Act).

Update 2009-10-25: This page is not valid HTML5. I'm not sure whether to correct it, as that was sort of the point of the test - to see where YouTube's embedding code gets you.

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