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Pseudoscorpion in my bathroom

A pseudoscorpion

It was about 1mm long. The pincers looked scorpion-like so I searched for a list of bugs with "scorpion" in the name. It paid off! What's That Bug? shows it clearly to be a pseudoscorpion.

I'm quite pleased with the photo; there is depth of field even under 32mm of extension tubes. The floor is not wet - that's just what tile looks like extremely close up and with a flash. I probably scared the horrible little thing, but at least he's now famous beyond his wildest dreams [of eating mites].

Update 2007/04/15: Here's a wider-angle picture to show how small it was, and to prove that the surface really is tile, not slimy death-grey chicken skin :)

What the pseudoscorpion looks like to the naked eye


  1. dave, on Saturday 14th April 2007, said:

    Dude, with that hair I thought this was SKIN, not a tile!

  2. Sue, on Wednesday 12th September 2007, said:

    Same here!! I found one on my bathroom floor as well. I was freakin out till i came here found out the were harmless!!!

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