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Cosma's Notebooks

Cosma's Notebooks are a treasure trove; an infovore's reading log. I quote from the FAQ:

2.2 Where do you find the time to read so much?
    I don't watch TV, I have no social life, and I read about a
    page a minute, if there isn't any math to slow me down.
3.1 Why are there so many references to books, and so few links
to things on the Net, especially other people's work on the Net?
    First answer: Because I'm an egotistical book-lover.
    Second answer: Because, not writing books, I'm not jealous of those who do.
    Third answer: Because, on almost any subject you care to
    name, there is very little on the web but elementary
    expositions, provisional and forbidding technicalities, and
    rubbish. The net, in its present infantile condition, gives
    access, not to the sum of preserved human knowledge, but
    rather to advertisements, cranks, journalists, and technical

Cosma Shalizi's review of A New Kind of Science is titled A Rare Blend of Monster Raving Egomania and Utter Batshit Insanity, and is the stuff of legend. This is the kind of book review that's better than the book.

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