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Fake Chinese Laptop

In a shop called Loja Chinesa ("Chinese Shop"), an outlet of all things cheap, plastic and Chinese, I found this:

Fake laptop

The non-qwerty keyboard layout is understandable, but the number row reading 123456712? They use Hindu-Arabic numerals even in China, don't they? I can't remember what the sticker on the bottom right read, but it wasn't "Microsoft" or "Windows". However, there is significant innovation here: no less than four hardware buttons dedicated to smileys!

The fake Intel Inside sticker is dainty:

Fake Intel logo

Check out the screen (click for a closeup):

Fake printed-on screen!

Yes, it's just glued on, and it's not even a real screenshot. I like "interner explorer", and the sheer ballsiness of "PREEMINENT ORIGINAL".

Finally, the whole hunk of junk had the kind of costus minimus squeak a real laptop engineer couldn't dream of building:


  1. Doug K, on Friday 28th December 2007, said:

    your laptop is confusung, is it just merged together images, on the screen i see win98 icons but new win logo on the start menu, but on the laptop i see a designed for winXP sticker, but if its designed for XP how could the windows (or actually called start menu button @ least on normal windows computers) button on the keyboard be the old windows logo

  2. James, on Wednesday 2nd January 2008, said:

    It's not a real laptop at all; it's a toy :)

  3. dave, on Thursday 3rd January 2008, said:

    @Doug: That is, the laptop is a plastic case with a print out of a mocked up desktop stuck onto it.

  4. Dude, on Sunday 20th July 2008, said:

    Are you kiddin. It is OBVIOUS that it is a Toy.

    From the first view you can tell. But this is absolutely no fake.

    greets the Dud3

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