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Internet destruction for oil?

6 undersea fibre-optic cables have been cut in the last two weeks, and conspiracy theories abound. Is this the smoking gun that proves there is evil afoot?:

Submarine cable cuts

Wikipedia's map is better, but its data sets off the same alarm bells:

Submarine cable cuts map from Wikipedia

Assuming the dates and locations are accurate, this can't have been caused by any natural phenomenon, unless it's some sci-fi bizarro hitherto unknown interaction between the Earth's magnetic field and erbium-doped optical fibre. Technical faults are rare, and impossibly unlikely to occur in 6 different places in such short succession. The "official" explanation, that a ship dragged its anchor across the cables, would imply a very fast ship - it broke cables in the Middle East and Malaysia within one day. So apparently the only remaining possibility is that the cables were cut deliberately.

Who cuts submarine cables on purpose? If stray anchors can cut a cable - and they can and do - then almost anybody could've done it. So are we talking al-Qaeda in a speedboat or Uncle Sam in a wiretapping sub?

The first link suggests it's a plot to cripple Iran's new oil stockmarket. Others suggest it's simply to knock Iran off the net completely. But don't we like uploading our Western Values to them? Because let's face it, the Internet is the bastard offspring of hardcore Western Science and Industry. It's a techno-libertarian aggressive hegemonizing swarm, and if anyone is scared of the Iranians having it, it's the Iranians themselves. So did they do it?

Not likely.

I suspect that the current confusion is down to a lack of accurate data. I've yet to see an authoritative source for the exact times and locations of the cable cuts. The SEA-ME-WE-4 cable from Malaysia goes through the UAE, so has there just been a mixup about which section of the cable has been cut? It's possible that the Khaleej News has got it wrong, and that the most likely explanation remains a dragged anchor.

But that's no fun, so here's my entry: the US military is trying to cause chaos and confusion in the Iranian military, hoping to cause another accidental confrontation as a pretext for full-on hostilities, in order to plunge the US back into war and boost the ratings of war president McCain.


  1. dave, on Wednesday 13th February 2008, said:

    No fuckin' way is McCain gonna be prez - <a href="" rel="nofollow">my money is on Obama</a> - if its going to happen at all.

    What's that?

    You heard: Who is "gonna" be el presidente won't matter - Bush is going to invade Iran and declare martial law at home, bitches.

    First, this Internet cut off is a pretty basic geostrategic iwar play. Was it about the new petroeuro oil stock market? Well, Saddam <strong>was</strong> invaded less than a year after switching to petroeuros from petrodollars. But, this sucker's nuclear, too. Either way, its a classic iwar play to cripple "critical infrastructure." [<a href="" rel="nofollow">Michael Wilson's</a> term.]

    Second, <a href="" rel="nofollow">Russia and France are setting up shop (via petor)</a> to protect their <a href="" rel="nofollow">"strategic interests"</a>. Seems like these notorious anti-hegemony players are making a "show of force" play to deter Bush from doing anything too crazy. But since the Bush administration is going to get their asses kicked out of power real soon now, they don't have anything to lose.

    Third, Bush has just given <a href="" rel="nofollow">business executives special privileges in the event of martial law, including the privilege of shooting people.</a>

    Obama's campaign keeps implying he's the next JFK, and we all know what happened to that punk.

  2. James, on Friday 15th February 2008, said:

    Nah, the cut cables are a total red herring - cable cuts happen on average once every three days anyway, and Iran wasn't cut off at all. I also don't think the neocons have the balls left to invade Iran. Obama will become president, and Ron Paul's the one who'll be assassinated for his attempted tinkering with the dollar's high temple that is the Federal Reserve.

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