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My Amiga is alive!

All our stuff has come back from Brazil, and amongst it is the A1200. I dug it out a few weeks ago, but the power supply was in another box, so I left it until my next trip back home, which was today.

I plugged in the power supply and a composite cable (the only piece of connective technology that has not since become completely obsolete), switched it on, and... nothing. Oh well, I thought, it was a bit much to expect it to work after two transatlantic journeys and 7 years rotting in a damp cupboard in between.

Then I realised there was no fuse in the plug.


A1200 booting

Mwahaha! It works! It is yellow like a smoker's teeth, and literally rusty at the back, but it works! I played a demo of Zool to prove it. Although the joypad's fire buttons had ceased to function, the autofire switch still let loose the equivalent of a single button press, and I boggled at how I ever liked a game that used the up button to jump.

More interestingly, I have a few floppy disks worth of old files that I'd like to get my hands on. If my memory serves me correctly, I'll need to dig out the Workbench disks and run Crossdos so I can put the files on a PC-readable disk (PCs cannot read Amiga disks; it is a hardware limitation, not a dearth of hacks).

The only problem there is that my PC does not have a floppy drive. Hmm. My old laptop did, but I never used it, so the second battery occupied its place and the drive has itself rusted up in a bag somewhere. Floppy drives are obviously still for sale and easy enough to obtain and install, but my old files are few, so it'd probably be quicker just to load up Transwrite and Deluxe Paint and take photos of the TV screen. That won't work for the OctaMED modules though...

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