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Mini-reviews returns

Little Miss Sunshine: an "unacknowledged remake" of the vastly superior National Lampoon's Vacation. It's still funny.

Monster: classy.

Superman Returns: absolute suck. I'm not a superman fan in general. An invincible man is the source of no dramatic tension, so all that is left to do is temporarily take away his invincibility, like in every other Superman film. This time it involves Kryptonite. Surprise surprise. That's it. I would honestly actually rather watch High School Musical 3 again.

High School Musical 3: Brilliant at what it is. What it is is an advert. If I'm absolutely 100% honest and hold back the cynicism for just 6 words, I thought it wasn't too bad.


  1. dave, on Thursday 18th December 2008, said:

    It was that bad.

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