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Candy GOC58F

We bought a Candy GOC58F tumble dryer a month or so ago, and it worked reasonably well up until juuust before Christmas... when it started doing an intermittent pack-in. It would start up as usual, then halt after 10-15 seconds with all lights flashing.

I checked the manual and this did not correspond to any kind of error code. There was nothing in the troubleshooting section to indicate what might be wrong. I cleaned the filter and the condenser, emptied the water tank, and even pulled the machine away from the wall just in case the air inlet was blocked. Nothing helped.

Since user-serviceability is a fruity alien concept in the white-goods market, I just left it and decided to come back later to see if the problem had fixed itself.

Lo and behold, it had! I was able to do two loads of drying with the machine working just fine. Of course, problems that go away by themselves also come back by themselves, so the next time we came to use it, we were back to square one with all the lights flashing again.

So this morning a guy from Comet came to have a look at it. He'd never seen this problem before, and his diagnostic box didn't give him any clues. He said it would need a new circuit board. I await the result of this. If anybody from Candy is reading this, please arrange for your manuals to document all the flashing light codes, even if it means "device borked; return to manufacturer". Also maybe arrange for them to be a little more reliable.

Update 2010-01-16: Well, the guy came back eventually, and said it wasn't the PCB after all, but the temperature sensor objecting to the recent cold weather. The fix is to remove the filter, and stick your hand down the hole until it warms up a bit!


  1. PaulB, on Sunday 28th November 2010, said:

    Same thing happened to ours this morning (28/11/10) which is kept in the garage. Removed the condensor, pointed a hairdyer in there (not right inside) and blew hot air for about 30 seconds. Put the condensor back in, turned it on and it worked fine. Slightly a nuisance but nothing major.

  2. James, on Sunday 28th November 2010, said:

    The problem returned for us again today too. Very annoying, considering winter weather is top of the list of when you'd want to use a tumble dryer.

    I see many reviews mentioning this issue, sadly all after we bought it.

    Note to industry: it doesn't take too many "worst purchase ever; will never buy Candy again"-type reviews to send a company under these days...

  3. michaela holt, on Tuesday 30th November 2010, said:

    thanks guys mine stopped working today 30/11/10 will try the hairdryer trick :)

  4. Danny A, on Saturday 4th December 2010, said:

    I just had the same problem. My dryer is in the garage which is freezing (especially with this cold snap). I blew the hairdryer down the filter slot for approx 30 secs. Now seems to be working fine!

  5. jenny, on Sunday 19th December 2010, said:

    Ummmm Interesting, Thanks one and all for the advice, however, i think lady luck looked the other way on us today because even after a hot water bottle and a bed time story? she refused to do anything. Well done candy for inventing a tumble DRYER that only works when its hot outside. :)

  6. Derek, on Tuesday 21st December 2010, said:

    Have the same problem with my dryer.My previous dryer was half the price of the Candy but managed six years hard labour before it give up.The Candy is five days out of it's twelve month warranty and starts playing up.Could it be programmed to fail???WOULDN,T BUY ANOTHER!!!!

  7. julie, on Wednesday 13th July 2011, said:

    our dryers just done the same problem only difference its the summer time and warm weather. what the hell! maybe needs a blanket all year long? hate the dryer

  8. clare, on Wednesday 1st February 2012, said:

    i signed up to which best buy before chosing my dryer, this one isnt in the top 20 but the ones that are cost an arm and a leg! i seen this at a bargain price in argos, was just about to buy it as the which feedback was pretty ok, a few minors but things i could live with. they were all out of stock, luckily, as i came across these comments just as i continued searching for it for a similar price. thank you all, im glad ive seen this and i will now defo NOT buy this product, YOU SAVED ME!!!! lol cheers xx

  9. Shez, on Monday 19th November 2012, said:

    Mines doing this now a few days out of its warranty! Will be trying the hair dryer trick today!!

  10. Nige, on Sunday 30th December 2012, said:

    just recently purchased one of these (Dec 2012), returned 1st one as we had this problem the 1st time we used it, Candy have just delivered another machine, worked OK on 1st 2 drys then the same thing happened, it took 5 attempts before it started and stayed on to complete a full drying cycle. There was nothing in the description about not using in cold weather, or in the manual that comes with the dryer, and I only just found it on their website about cold weather. Our machine is in a utility room with the vent on the outside wall and have never had any trouble with any other dryers.

    If they knew this was happening 2 years ago WHY are they still selling these machines with no warning to anyone.

    going to ring them and tell them I want a full refund as it is not fit for purpose.

  11. F.Morimont, on Wednesday 16th January 2013, said:

    A bit late to comment, but I have a Hoover and it does exactly the same! I bring it in the kitchen when it gets too cold! Nice decoration! :) I tried the hot water inside the tumble in a bowl, but it doesn't work. Maybe I'll try the hair-dryer instead. But as you can see, it is not only Candy! I have heard about Whirlpool having the same problem too.

  12. Karen Clark, on Thursday 17th January 2013, said:

    My tumble dryer has been doing this for about three weeks and its a pain everyday trying to get the thing to work. Went and got my hair dryer and for a minute place it into the condensor and presto, amazing worked first time

  13. M Barnett, on Tuesday 22nd January 2013, said:

    Bought our tumble dryer on 25 Nov 2012- worked fine until about 3 weeks ago, I called Candy ( on 17th Jan 2013 to report my dryer not working correctly as I had tried it on various cycles & found that after approx 5 mins (when, I am assuming the dryer is changing tumble direction) the dryer stops & all the lights flash continuously. I was advised that the sensor needed to be warmed up either by hand or a hairdryer as at this time the dryer was in my garage which is heated via a radiator. I tried this ensuring the lint filter, condenser & water container were all clean & dry as it states in the instruction booklet but the dryer is continuing to have this fault. We have since moved the dryer into a spare bedroom which is heated but it is still not working. It seems to me as if the sensor is not telling the dryer to cool down as when opening the door after the lights start flashing the items are steaming & the dryer inside & out is very hot. Tried to book an engineer online yesterday @ without sucess as the 'dropdown' box where you report the fault does not work so it will not accept. Nowhere in the Instruction Book does it state the dryer will not work in 'ambient low temperatures' as it states on the website. After reading all these comments & more on I intend calling Hoover again to arrange pick up of the dryer & ask for a full refund as it is NOT fit for purpose.

  14. dave, on Wednesday 23rd January 2013, said:

    candy goc58f.same problem kept stopping till i found the water bottle at the bottom of the machine near floor was full.pulled it out and emptied the water put it back in .now works perfect.

  15. M Barnett, on Friday 25th January 2013, said:

    Good news! Following my last comment, I'm pleased to say we returned the tumble to Argos today, full refund was given, no quarms after I explained what had been happening, now to look for a tumble dryer that will not let me down ;-) !

  16. Lawrie Biiingham, on Wednesday 30th January 2013, said:

    Thank you folks, I just orderd this model on line at argos one hour ago,. and i wont even think about picking it up I would like to know the best one for about the same price .I have an old sheep skin coat i wonder if that would cure this cold problem

  17. D. Tonks, on Friday 15th February 2013, said:

    Bought my tumble dryer on 21st Jan 2013 - worked fine for about 18 days, after using about 6 times. Supplier, even though they had a 21-day no quibble return policy on faulty goods were not interested. I called manufacturer ( to report my dryer not working correctly - senor working sometimes, and a sound like motor struggling to move, flashing lights, and then no power at all. However the next day it worked fine! The following evening the problem re-occurred. Had visit from engineer and it would appear that because my tumble dryer is in my conservatory, when the temperature is too cold, or indeed too hot the dryer won’t work. Nowhere in the Instruction Book does it state the dryer will not work in 'ambient low temperatures' as it states on their website. After reading all these comments I shall be calling Hoover to ask for a full refund, as other have stated, it is not fit for purpose.

  18. John, on Wednesday 27th March 2013, said:

    Just to give some help ive got said dryer if it does not work i change the setting to 40 rapid then it seems to work.

  19. Janine, on Monday 1st April 2013, said:

    I'm getting same problem with my candy condensir will try the hair dryer trick in morning! It's so frustrating its not as if I went for the cheap option!

  20. karla, on Tuesday 9th April 2013, said:

    I am getting the same problem. the engineer came out at 119pounds cost because my machine is just 12months old. Hoover candy not worth the cash any more. They are good to Hoover your cash and let you out to dry.

  21. karla, on Tuesday 9th April 2013, said:

    just to rectify my candy is just over 12month old. The engineer came out and order a new circuit board. I think it is worth mentioning, the engineer said I should not have the machine working with the airingcupboard doors close, can cause the dryer to overheat. saying that my airingcupboard is quite big, plenty space. Seems to me, they just will say anything to shift the blame to the consumer.

  22. Sharon, on Tuesday 2nd July 2013, said:

    I have had the same problem with my Candy goc58f, and as we bought the same tumble dryer for our daughter (who has moved back home, so we now have two dryers), they both have the same fault as listed above, all flashing lights!!!

    Judging by all these comments.......some over 2 years old.......should Candy have not rectified the problem with the sensor by now???

    We have a Candy washing machine as turn the dial to a specific program......and it flashes to another one!!! WTH????

    Having had Indesit as previous tumble dryers, and washing machines which have worked for well over seven years........this has put me off ever buying another Candy for life!!!!

  23. Maria, on Tuesday 6th August 2013, said:

    Feel like I should jump on the band wagon lol. I too have a Candy GOC58F. My dryer, funnily enough, is doing exactly same as all yours! Out of warranty and all lights flashing. Ya gotta love Candy!! NOT

  24. Eileen Weaver, on Friday 20th September 2013, said:

    I was just about to click the button to reserve this drier from Argos....... After reading the comments I WON'T be buying this dryer for my daughter. The drier would be in utility room outside, I daren't buy it, especially as the customer service seems to be non-existent. Thank you folks xx

  25. stuart van looy, on Sunday 15th December 2013, said:

    trying what number 18 John suggested shame had three good years from ours. no that didnt work.

  26. verity Kathryn, on Monday 13th January 2014, said:

    mine has done the same all lights flashing, and yes warranty is out.. i think its a duff product and we shud all get our money back! will never buy a Candy product again...

    but thanks John (No 18) that tip helped, its now working! lol

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