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Co-opting advertising for steganographic purposes

Steganography is all about hiding messages in plain sight.

Theorem 1.1: Surveillance is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Theorem 1.2: You don't even have to disguise your needle if your haystack is big enough.

Therefore I propose a secret language with a restricted vocabulary of a few hundred words, like Basic English - the difference being that the words chosen for this language are exclusively top ranking search keywords and brands, and therefore ungoogleable. Here's a secret message that will forever be lost in the maelstrom of noise that is the web:

"Facebook maps ford insurance google web iphone social? Linux amazon twitter 2.0 sony microsoft!"

Every branding and marketing campaign will assist in driving the secret further into obscurity! Keyword-sniffing filters and miners will be up against a $500bn industry which fights to drown out any subtle meaning attached to brands solely in favour of their own chosen meaning.

(Obviously, forget defining a new natural language; you'd just encode your secret document with a byte-to-brand map using, say, the top 32 global brands and base-32 encoding).

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