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Fujitsu Scansnap S1500 notes

At more than £300 this scanner is quite expensive, but it's awesomely fast, and the software is surprisingly good. My notes:

  • The default settings give an excellent balance of speed, quality and file size. 600dpi "Excellent" quality looks good (comparable to my old Epson DX4450 flatbed - N.B. I'm no imaging expert, so this may be faint praise...). It captures the fine detail of handwriting, as well as the mere data.
  • After only 1000 pages I found the roller needed cleaning, and isopropyl alcohol is not commonly sold in the UK. Maplin sell a 400ml bottle for about £10 - blimey.
  • Paper jams can really mince the sheet that gets stuck. Be careful if you're scanning a valuable original.
  • Why is it called the ScanSnap, rather than the SnapScan?!

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